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  1. Chiacchiero, Michael DPT, PT
  2. Hazan, Noam DPT
  3. Kronenberg, Jonathan DPT
  4. Maskaron, Jason DPT


Body sway measurements as well as lower extremity muscle strength between elderly fallers and nonfallers were compared. Nineteen subjects who reported falling at least twice in the last 6 months and 24 nonfallers participated in the study. Both fallers and nonfallers had significant increases in measurements of body sway while standing on foam when compared with baseline value of eyes open (P = .000). Left ankle dorsiflexors was the only muscle group that was significantly weaker in fallers than in nonfallers (P = .016). Muscle force asymmetry was found in the quadriceps muscle for both groups and ankle dorsiflexors only in fallers.