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  1. Schaff, Terry Roth E-RYT


This article describes an experimental yoga program designed in the fall of 2008 for senior citizens to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and social needs. The twice-weekly 90-minute classes use chairs and other props. Many of the seniors attending have health issues that come with aging, including osteoporosis, cancer, knee pain, hip replacement surgery, high blood pressure, heart disease, back pain, pinched nerves, limited shoulder mobility, diabetes, neuropathy, stress, and depression. A typical class of 15 to 18 students draws from a base group of 70 participants between 59 and 92 years of age. The class is 97% women. The results from the first 18 months of this program have shown significant improvements in posture and balance, along with enhanced physical, mental, and emotional health. A body of evidence is being amassed that shows increased bone density, weight loss, lowered blood pressure, increased stature, greater range of motion, and less depression.