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leadership, mobility, pressure ulcer, teams



  1. Kennerly, Susan M. PhD, RN, WCC
  2. Yap, Tracey PhD, RN
  3. Miller, Elaine PhD, RN, FAAN, FAHA


Mounting evidence suggests that the quality of outcomes in long-term care can be improved by strengthening the leadership behaviors of nurses. Consequently, a reduction in the prevalence and incidence of pressure ulcers (PUs) is thought to be possible through a nurse-led, team-based approach. The purposes of this article were to (1) advocate for greater nurse-led interdisciplinary teamwork focusing on PU prevention and (2) describe how a transformational and practice-based framework can be used to guide the long-term care team to improve PU quality care outcomes. Application of nurse-led, team-conceptualized strategies enables interdisciplinary workers to partner and more effectively participate in PU prevention programs, thus deepening engagement in the organization's overall approach to achieving quality outcomes.