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  1. Aponte, Judith RN, BC, CDE, CCM, DNSc


The ability to appropriately care for diverse populations is an expected competency of the graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). To provide effective materials to ensure this competency is met, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing developed the Toolkit of Resources for Cultural Competent Education for Baccalaureate Nurses. The toolkit provides information on cultural competency models and teaching strategies nurse educators can use to facilitate student learning in cultural sensitivity and competency. This article demonstrates how one model in particular, Campinha-Bacote's Model of Cultural Competence, was utilized for 15 weeks in an undergraduate BSN nursing course for a student population in an urban school of nursing to effectively provide students with the skill set needed to give culturally competent care. This article will provide the methods and strategies used to teach cultural competency as based on Campinha-Bactote's Model in an undergraduate nursing course.