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  1. O'Mahony, Joyce Maureen PhD, RN
  2. Donnelly, Tam Truong PhD, RN
  3. Bouchal, Shelley Raffin PhD, RN
  4. Este, David PhD


An emerging concern for health care providers is how to assist immigrant and refugee women adapt to a new milieu and to cope with postpartum depression (PPD). Thirty women were interviewed to find out their perspective on what factors influence their help-seeking behavior and decision making about postpartum care and what strategies would be helpful in PPD prevention and treatment. Findings reveal that (a) social support networks can be supportive or nonsupportive with widespread effects on physical and psychological health and well-being; (b) cultural background and socioeconomic factors influence seeking support; (c) health care relationship was viewed a critical determinant to seek and accept help for PPD.