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Dermatology Nursing, International, Opportunities, Scientific Meeting, World Congress



  1. MacDonald, Nina Vivian


ABSTRACT: As the world changes and more people are traveling internationally, nurses may see dermatological conditions not usually seen in their country or region. With this comes the realization that some of us know little about dermatology nursing in other countries. This article discusses international dermatology nursing, the International Dermatological Society, and the World Congress (an event for international collaboration and sharing of knowledge). As the next World Congress of Dermatology will be held in North America, there are potential opportunities for the Dermatology Nurses Association members to attend and participate in this event. The Dermatology Nurses Association has much offer in terms of networking and education, but we can also benefit through learning about dermatology nursing on other continents and becoming part of a global initiative to ensure that nurses have access to reliable dermatology nursing knowledge and people in all countries have access to quality care.