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  1. Ward, Muriel E. MS, ANP-C


ABSTRACT: This is an original case study highlighting the importance of careful collaboration and effective communication among healthcare providers. Amid the chaos of a new year, implementing a new healthcare act with an entirely new system of coding, patients are informed consumers interconnected through enhanced technological advances. This article describes a complicated situation involving long-term follow-up of a patient with a history of previous surgical removal of a rare tumor. The problem is one in which the patient is given exclusive access to a newly implemented electronic medical record system that has not fully completed the transition, including all healthcare specialties in the new system. What results is unnecessary, weeklong emotional turmoil, where the patient's health status is misinterpreted and miscommunicated. The challenge is helping patients become aggressive advocates and consumers of quality care, without breaching confidentiality. How much access is too much and what can happen if patients are given full disclosure and access to the electronic medical record? Fortunately, in this case, the problem is solved when the main provider returns from out-of-town, and multiple providers unite, carefully collaborate, and effectively communicate with the patient.