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  1. Emerson, Janice S. PhD
  2. Hull, Pamela C. PhD
  3. Cain, Van A. MA
  4. Novotny, Meggan L. MA
  5. Larson, Celia O. PhD
  6. Levine, Robert S. MD


The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is being promoted as a cornerstone for transforming primary care. Physician organizations (POs) are playing a more prominent role by facilitating practices' transformation to PCMH. Using a framework of organizational integration, we investigate the changing relationship between POs and practices through qualitative interviews. Through increased integration, POs can support both the big-picture and day-to-day activities of practice transformation. Most PO-practice unit connections reflected new areas of engagement-competencies that POs were not developing in the past-that are proving integral to the broad-scale practice change of PCMH implementation.