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  1. Nuttall, Frank Q. MD, PhD
  2. Gannon, Mary Carol PhD
  3. Hoover, Heidi MS, RD, LD
  4. Thurgood, Jan BS


Objective: Dreamfields pasta is a modified commercially available pasta that is claimed to raise blood glucose much less than standard, unmodified pasta. Our objective was to quantify the blood glucose response to ingested Dreamfields pasta compared with an unmodified pasta.


Research Design and Methods: Using a blinded, randomized, crossover design, 20 subjects without diabetes ingested 50 g carbohydrate in the form of Dreamfields or traditional pasta at 8:00 AM after a 12- to 14-hour overnight fast. The preparation of both pastas was identical. Fingerstick blood glucose was measured before and at 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, and 180 minutes after ingestion of each pasta meal.


Results: The glucose response to ingestion of the 2 pasta products was essentially identical.


Conclusion: The 2 pastas tested had identical taste and mouth feel and resulted in nearly identical blood glucose responses in normal subjects.