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  1. Dammeyer, Jennifer A. MSN, RN, ANP, CCRN
  2. Baldwin, Noel BSN, RN
  3. Packard, Don PT
  4. Harrington, Susan PT, NCS, C/NDT
  5. Christofferson, Brooke MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
  6. Christopher, Julie BSN, RN
  7. Strachan, Cathy L. MS, RN
  8. Iwashyna, Jack MD


The safety and efficacy of mobility programs for the ventilated patient and the ability to improve outcomes related to immobility of the critically ill are well documented in the literature. Early mobility programs have been proven safe and effective in study. However, a lack of literature describing application of the therapy and integration at the bedside exists. This article describes the multidisciplinary change process and partnerships necessary to provide the innovation of early mobility to ventilated intensive care unit patients. Early mobility targets ventilated patients upon admission to ensure that interventions are performed that promote physical therapy at first possible moment. In order to accomplish this innovation, evidence-based practice was used to guide culture change in an intensive care unit and build partnerships among disciplines that worked to achieve the same goals independently.