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Oh, the holidays-I love them! Deep down, I never grew out of the childhood fascination of all things associated with winter, the holidays, and presents. I love presents, I have to admit. I love giving presents, making presents, wrapping presents, and, of course, getting presents. Sometimes, I think of our Journal as a present-a gift that every 2 months shows up on our doorsteps to share great dermatology information, knowledge, and stories. In many ways, this is the best type of present for me. Not only do I get to give you, our readers, a present six times a year, but I also get so much out of the process myself. I feel good knowing that myself and your Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association (JDNA) Editorial Board work hard throughout the year to give you the gift of dermatology knowledge and scholarship. Maybe the only way it could be better would be if I could personally deliver each issue to each of you with a big red bow every 2 months!

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What presents from the JDNA would you like? What articles would you like to see that could help your practice?


Remember when I said I love presents? Well, I am asking each of you to consider giving me one in the next year! I would love to see many new manuscripts submitted for publication in 2013. They could be short case studies or longer research projects. They could be articles about process or the business side of dermatology. They could be articles with many photos-we love photos! They could be question-and-answer-type interviews with patients or colleagues. There are so many possibilities!


In the spirit of the season, I have had each of the JDNA Board members give me their wish lists of presents for the Journal. Let's take a look at them.


Victoria Garcia-Albea:


* A pharmacology column in every issue


* More articles dealing with lasers and laser therapy


* More articles dealing with pediatric dermatology issues


* More Letters to the Editor


* Comments or case reports from readers



Lakshi Aldredge:


* Increase in editorial board members


* Clinical dermatology picture of the issue contest-guesses sent to JDNA, winner announced in next issue


* Success with clinical conundrum column I am working on


* Increased clinical pictures with each article


* Increase in continuing education articles


* Wider nursing/medical audience other than the DNA members or dermatology community



Lisa Bonsall:


* Three to five new enthusiastic editorial board members


* Articles about pharmacological agents used in dermatology


* An increase in our Web site visitors (


* Podcast interview with at least one author from each issue


* Development of an image library at JDNA online



Fiona Cowdell:


* Articles about the intersection of skin and nutrition


* Articles about skin health and skin integrity for older people


* A simple, quick submission system for articles



Steven Ersser:


* For the JDNA Editorial Board to appear before the LWW page in every issue


* For grouped advertising


* For an expanded content


* For a research-related paper (or research brief) and international-oriented paper in every issue


* More papers on issues of clinical pharmacology and issues relevant to dermatology nurses


* More content on psychosocial issues, especially resources


* A critical review of dermatology Web sites relevant to dermatology nurses



Jonel Gomez:


* Case studies


* Multi-issue photography quiz column


* Ongoing cosmetic dermatology column


* Annual update on new dermatology medications


* Column on minor in-office procedures and techniques



Nina MacDonald:


* More research-based articles


* More scholarly articles


* An increase in volunteers to both review and write articles


* An increase in international readership



Sarah Neider:


* "Ask a colleague" section


* DNA Member highlight bio


* Medical Assistant column



Marianne Tawa:


* An area that features dermatology products or devices


* Consistent dermatopathology column submissions



And, of course, my wish list:


* An ongoing Ethics of Dermatology column


* More photos and graphics labeling surgical anatomy


* Articles about the intersection of dermatology and immunology


* Doubling of our subscribers in 2013


* Letters to the Editor in every issue



Can you help? Could your holiday spirit of generosity include the JDNA? Consider writing a manuscript perhaps on one of the topics listed above or perhaps on one of your own we did not even think of! By contributing to your professional dermatology nursing journal, you can be giving presents not just to us but also to all your colleagues in dermatology. And maybe you'll find that this exercise will even turn out to be a present for yourself!


Happy holidays!


Looking forward to hearing from you.



Angela L. Borger