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In this ANPD Update, we present a letter from the President that appeared in the September/October 2012 issue of TrendLines, informing members about the exciting organizational changes that were announced at the National Nurses in Staff Development Organization (NNSDO) convention in Boston earlier this year.


As first announced during the NNSDO Annual Convention, our organization will now be known as the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD). On Friday, July 13 in Boston, the new name and accompanying logo were first revealed to all annual business meeting attendees.


The ANPD speaks to our shared purpose and similar people, as we are the association for NPD specialists. In addition to the new name and logo of our organization, the board of directors also introduced our new brand. As our guiding light, the new brand will ensure consistency and adherence to our mission as an international association.


Recent changes to the scope and standards for our specialty strengthened the language that indicated a shift away from "nursing staff development" to "nursing professional development." An appointed task force assessed the impact of this new vernacular and recommended NNSDO to change our name to better meet the new demands for nursing professional development. To be positioned for future success and growth and to act in the best interest of our membership community, NNSDO decided to continue down the path of reinventing ourselves. After gathering feedback in 2011 and moving to our new association management company in 2012, the new name was put forth to an official membership bylaw vote.


The ANPD serves nursing professional development specialists and is built on the following foundation: evidence, advocacy, and networking. Our goal is to foster the acquisition and application of data-driven practices for the betterment of the NPD specialty. We continue to focus on providing the education, tools, and resources to foster the ongoing professional and career development of our members and community. We are the only organization that is able to meet the specific learning and development needs of NPD specialists, regardless of clinical specialty area.


In the months ahead, our headquarters team will release additional information regarding the new brand, name, and identity. New developments will continue, making this an exciting time to be a member of ANPD. Together in our new identity, we are forging new ground for the future of nursing professional development.


Below are some frequently asked questions that may help throughout this transition:


What should I expect with the news of the new name?


Members should expect to see the name transition taking place over the next 6-8 months as we update programs, products, and more. Updates and news will be e-mailed to keep you in the loop over this time period.


What will happen to Will there be a new ANPD website?


A new ANPD website is in development and will replace the current site in the future. The anticipated launch of the new ANPD website will be later this year. Additional updates and information will be shared in the months ahead.


Will my membership dues change?


Dues will not increase in 2013. We are committed to keep the best interest of our top-of-mind members and offer dues that include the most benefits at a great cost. Membership dues are reviewed each year and are adjusted to keep ANPD moving in the right direction.


Is my NNSDO membership card still valid?


Yes, your NNSDO membership card will remain valid until the next time you renew your ANPD membership.


How can I contact ANPD?


All contact information remains the same. Although we'll be rolling out a new e-mail address with the new website, our headquarters team will still be here for you at should you have any questions.


I look forward to experiencing this exciting step toward our promising future with you!



Kathleen Dunn-Cane MS, RN-BC


President, ANPD