1. Miracle, Vickie A. EdD, RN, CCRC

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I cannot believe that it has been 11 years since I wrote my first editorial for Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing (DCCN) as an editor.1 For the past 11 years, many of my dreams did come true. I have had the opportunity to work with an amazing group of professionals who comprise the editorial board, consultants, reviewers, publishers, and copy editors who make each issue of DCCN a reality. I consider all of these people as friends, even more so than colleagues. I have worked with experienced authors, first-time authors, and students in this role of editor. I hope along the way I have made a positive contribution to nursing.


This is my last "A Closing Word" as editor of DCCN. Now, stop laughing. I am serious. Also, stop doing those cartwheels and jumping for joy. I have resigned as editor to pursue other interests in the world of nursing as well as other pursuits. I plan to spend more time with my family (at least the ones I like). Also, I am a member of the sandwich generation-my daughter graduated from college, started her career, and moved from home (not far, thank goodness). Now my husband and I find ourselves in a wonderful position of being able to help our aging parents. This is definitely a task of love but one that is time consuming. I have always placed family first, and I am not going to stop now.


As well as helping parents, I plan to pursue other dreams. I hope to teach more. I enjoy working with students, and perhaps, I have learned something in my 37 years of nursing, which may be of benefit to them. My husband and I hope to travel as much as we can. We enjoy cruises and plan to spend time visiting other countries. You never know[horizontal ellipsis] I may decide to write another book. I would like to do more volunteer work as well. Retirement is not in the cards for the foreseeable future.


As a nurse, I have many options. I will never stop being a nurse. As far as I am concerned, I have been a nurse since I was 6 years old and told my parents of my dream. Even on my deathbed, I can hear myself calling, "Could someone please check on that alarm?" or "Call a code blue." The only difference now is that I would be able to practice my nursing skills outside a critical care setting.


I hope as an editor, I have provided knowledge and laughter to the readers of DCCN. I have always been a big promoter of the importance of laugher, and I hope you, the readers, have laughed with me (or at me) when reading some of the editorials.


Now, I turn the reins of editor over to someone else who will do an excellent job. The new editor will have only small shoes to fill (really, I do have small feet). This is not the last you will hear from me. I will write and stay active in critical care nursing.


So in my last words as editor, thank you for your support, thoughts, critiques, suggestions, and your friendship these past 11 years. Please stay in touch. Support the new editor as much as you have supported me throughout the years. Keep laughing. Find humor in your life and work. Keep learning. Remember, all of you are leaders. Serve as a mentor. Use research in your practice (evidence-based practice). Continue to provide the best care possible for your patients, their families, your family, and yourself. Thank you for your loyalty to DCCN. This is a great journal, and it will only continue to improve. Remember, I am only an e-mail away. Enjoy your profession and enjoy life. Also, happy Certified Nurses Day 2013 on March 19, 2012.


Now I wonder if my dream job of dipping ice cream cones into chocolate is open?


Vickie A. Miracle EdD, RN, CCRC


Editor, DCCN; Lecturer


School of Nursing


Bellarmine University


Louisville, Kentucky




1. Miracle VA. Remembering[horizontal ellipsis] and finding that dreams can come true. Dimens Crit Care Nurs. 2002; 31 (1): 48. [Context Link]