1. Lutwin, Lynn RN, OCN, MA, CBCN

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Lynn Lutwin, RN, OCN... - Click to enlarge in new windowLynn Lutwin, RN, OCN, MA, CBCN

I Don't Wear Sunglasses

I don't wear sunglasses.


They put shadows where none were and block out the sun,


My only love.


I don't wear shoes.


They keep me from experiencing the stones beneath my soles


And the cool of the grass.


I don't hide my heart.


I use my passion to bring hope to broken souls.


But the sun made me blind;


I cut my feet on glass;


And the grief of the world opened a flood of endless tears.


LYNN LUTWIN, RN, OCN, MA, CBCN, is Director of Breast Care Connection at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. She notes that she has been writing poetry since childhood, and was recently the editor of the Breast Care Special Interest Group Newsletter for the Oncology Nursing Society. She also currently blogs for ONS Traveling Companions (