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  1. Schnall, Rebecca PhD, RN
  2. Larson, Elaine PhD, RN, FAAN, CIC
  3. Stone, Patricia W. PhD, RN, FAAN
  4. John, Rita Marie DNP, EdD, PNP
  5. Bakken, Suzanne PhD, RN, FAAN


Despite more than a decade of patient safety initiatives in our health care system, nurses (N = 172) identified a large number of safety issues in the ambulatory care setting, including issues in their own practice (50.7% of the encounters), feeling rushed or hurried (34.8% of encounters), and being interrupted (27.0% of encounters). Greater patient complexity was a significant predictor of identifying a diagnostic or management and treatment issue. The presence of an electronic health record was not related to reporting of a patient safety issue.