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advance practice nurse, APRN students, ELNEC, end-of-life care



  1. Kelley, Carol G. PhD, CNP
  2. Mazanec, Polly PhD, CNP


End-of-life (EOL) content is an essential component in advanced practice registered nursing (APRN) education. Since 2007, an 8-hour ELNEC (End of Life Nursing Education Consortium) course has been a requirement for selected APRN students at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Case Western Reserve University. Since the start of the required course, 160 participants have been surveyed to identify their perception of aspects of EOL care in their clinical setting that are done well or need to improve. The use of palliative care and hospice was the most prevalent theme identified for EOL care done well or as an area for improvement. Communication skills and pain and symptom management were identified as areas that participants felt they learned most. The majority of participants recognized the relevance of the ELNEC content to their APRN practice, regardless of their area of clinical specialty. This article is a report of an evaluation of our experience with ELNEC and describes participants' perceptions of aspects of (EOL) care and views on this EOL education requirement.