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  1. Egan, Gail M. MS, ANP
  2. Siskin, Gary P. MD
  3. Weinmann, Robert IV MD
  4. Galloway, Margy M. BSN, RN, OCN(R), VA-BC, CRNI(R)


An initial postmarket study of the SecurAcath used with 5 Fr peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) was conducted with 68 adult patients at 3 different institutions in the United States. PICCs were placed in both outpatients and inpatients, with patients in critical care and medical/surgical units, home care, and extended care facilities. Sixty-two (91.2%) of the patients completed therapy without a securement-related device malfunction or device-related adverse event associated with the securement system. The device was readily accepted by both patients and nursing staff. The SecurAcath represents a novel, safe, and effective method for catheter securement.