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  1. Burke, Carol MSN, RNC-OB, APN
  2. Grobman, William MD, MBA
  3. Miller, Deborah MPH, BSN, RN, CPHQ


A culture of safety is a growing movement in obstetrical healthcare quality and management. Patient-centered and safe care is a primary priority for all healthcare workers, with communication and teamwork central to achieving optimal maternal health outcomes. A mandatory educational program was developed and implemented by physicians and nurses to sustain awareness and compliance to current protocols within a large university-based hospital. A didactic portion reviewing shoulder dystocia, operative vaginal delivery, obstetric hemorrhage, and fetal monitoring escalation was combined with a simulation session. The simulation was a fetal bradycardia activating the decision to perform an operative vaginal delivery complicated by a shoulder dystocia. More than 370 members of the healthcare team participated including obstetricians, midwives, the anesthesia team, and nurses. Success of the program was measured by an evaluation tool and comparing results from a prior safety questionnaire. Ninety-seven percent rated the program as excellent, and the response to a question on perception of overall grade on patient safety measured by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality safety survey demonstrated a significant improvement in the score (P = .003) following the program.