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  1. da Costa, Tatiana Cidral MSc, PT
  2. Locks, Rafaella Ribas PT
  3. Koppe, Soraia PT
  4. Yamaguti, Anelize Moreira PT
  5. Formiga, Andressa Carvalho PT
  6. Gomes, Anna Raquel Silveira PhD, MSc, PT


Forty-five elderly persons (67 +/- 2 years old) were divided into the following groups: control (CG), resistive exercise (REG), stretching (SG), and resistive exercise and stretching (RESG). All the groups participated in warm-up, but the REG and the RESG were followed by resistive exercise (65%, 70%, and 75% of a maximum of 10 repetitions); the SG participated in 60 seconds of stretching exercise; and RESG, participated in both. Range of motion was evaluated with a fleximeter. The SG increased hip flexion and maintained after detraining. The REG augmented dorsiflexion after 12 weeks. The RESG increased hip extension after 6 and 12 weeks and maintained after detraining. Resistive exercise and stretching, performed alone, were sufficient to increase range of motion. Stretching was determinant in an early gain and its maintenance.