1. Bell-Williams, Cinnamon MSN

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Strengths-based Nursing Care includes direction, insight, and a plethora of stories shared by a variety of nurses who sought out a person's strengths in helping people and families as well as communities to build to therapeutically cope with the illnesses and injuries that an individual experienced. The author hoped that student nurses and others would use the book to help them rethink patient care in ways that focused on individuals' strengths rather than their weaknesses. Gottlieb writes that it was important to develop a unique framework with a set of principles that included a new language that differs from the one with which we are accustomed. Accountability and responsibility are outcomes as it relates to this unique framework.


Three sections are outlined in this book: theoretical and conceptual foundations; tools and strategies, and theory and practice. Section 1 discusses the deficit model-what is wrong and a focus on the pathology of the disease/illness, which is reported as being dominant in the healthcare system. Section 1 further discusses how the deficit model approach has caused a distrust of the healthcare system, how the strengths-based model is the better approach to person-centered care, and how we accomplish the strengths-based model of thinking.


Section 2 discusses what is thought to be the absolute essentials that a healthcare professional must possess to practice the strengths-based model. These include but are not limited to the nurses' knowledge of his or her strengths, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses in the categories of mindfulness, humility, open-mindedness, and nonjudgmental attitudes. Reflective practice, retraining of the eight senses, gaze, and social involvement appeared to be paramount.


Section 3 discusses the spiraling process of discovering strengths through the patient relationship and nursing process by utilizing eight major approaches. Techniques to develop identified strengths were further discussed in this section.


The book closes with extensive references and an all-inclusive index. This book was a phenomenal read related to the strengths of an individual and taking those strengths and creating a positive outcome. The book provided insight and step-by-step direction as to what is reported as necessary to achieve a strength-based mindset.