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  1. Capan, Michelle L. MSN, RN, CPN
  2. Ambrose, Heather L. DNP, RN, CPN, CPON
  3. Burkett, Marnie MSN, RN, CCRN
  4. Evangelista, Tonya R. MSN, RN, CPN, CPHON
  5. Flook, Donna M. MSN, RN, CPN
  6. Straka, Kristen L. DNP, RN, CPN


Professional portfolios allow staff to document their participation in areas of education, certification, shared governance councils, national nursing organizations, and community outreach. In this study, nurses tracked their professional development in a virtual electronic portfolio. A preperception/postperception questionnaire for both staff and unit directors revealed that nursing portfolios proved to be a valuable tool during annual performance reviews to acknowledge accomplishments and encourage continued professional growth of individual direct-care staff nurses.