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Forever young: A female physician's perspective

One morning seeing my reflection in the mirror


Few wrinkles here, and few there


Few grey hairs, and maybe more there


I stopped and thought, "God, where has the time gone?"


Is that possible? How did it all happen?


I started to panic, and the reality of getting old starts creeping in


Is this what "middle-aged" is all about?


Is it time to take more measures in turning back the hands of time?


Looking around in the crowd, old faces were rare to find


Most women looked young, yet stoic


Neither happy nor sad


What is happiness? Merely to look forever young?


Will our wrinkles be a thing of the past, nature once again defied?


I always thought middle-age would be a time of harvest


The fruits of our labor, our sacrifice


Instead in this plastic age, we ought to focus on


Few wrinkles here and few there


Few grey hairs and maybe more there


Oh God, when will this madness stop?


Forgetting what really matters, what makes us human:


To age gracefully, to be proud of our wrinkles, our grey hairs and our human expressions?


To be healthy, proud of our own achievements, and surrounded by loved ones?


To age gracefully I will, to be happy and content with what has been done


I shall live forever young


PAULETTE MHAWECH-FAUCEGLIA, MD, is Professor of Pathology at the University of Southern California.