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* In "A Hurricane Sandy Bed Bath," ICU nurse Amanda Anderson learns that nursing isn't about heroics and glamour, but rather the "bed bath stuff" (


* Karen Roush, AJN clinical managing editor, writes about the frustration of caring for patients who ignore health recommendations to their own detriment in "When Loved Ones and Patients Don't Choose Life" (


* In "Get the Job Done," Marcy Phipps, RN, observes that pausing in the midst of a busy day to teach a skill to a new nurse is sometimes more important than just finishing the task (



"It reminds me of one of the things I love about nurses-they can put aside all of their didactic training and know just what to do in a situation like that." "If we identify what we 'do' as being compassionate, then there are no limits. Having a whole-hearted approach transcends the interaction." "True nurses have an innate ability to teach; this is part of our responsibilities. We do pt. teaching, family teaching, help coworkers, and work as a team." "I have growing concerns about the rigid policies being enforced on nurses at institutions... some of them limiting a nurse's access to digital technologies to access data/information. Are we creating a digital divide in our health care communities based on professional roles and fear?"




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* Behind the article: Editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy speaks with


* the authors of "Loneliness and Quality of Life in Chronically Ill Rural Older Adults."


* the author of "Care of Pregnant Women in the Criminal Justice System."