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cerebrovascular, Jordan, knowledge, risk factors, stroke



  1. Eshah, Nidal F.


ABSTRACT: This study aimed to identify the level of knowledge of stroke and cerebrovascular risk factors among Jordanian adults. It also aimed to measure the prevalence of cerebrovascular risk factors and to compare the stroke-related knowledge among participants based on their sociodemographical data. Two hundred twenty-four participants were included in this cross-sectional descriptive study. Data on prevalence and knowledge of stroke and cerebrovascular risk factors were collected through self-report questionnaires. Widespread prevalence of cerebrovascular risk factors was noted. The most common risk factors were inactivity (74%), overweight and obesity (59%), and smoking (34%). Moreover, only 30% of the study participants were able to enumerate three or more risk factors. The most commonly recognized risk factors were smoking (76%), hyperlipidemia (60%), and obesity (53%). Participants lacked basic knowledge about stroke; the average score for stroke knowledge was 8.8 of 20, with 49% of the participants achieving lower than the average score. Therefore, community awareness of stroke and cerebrovascular risk factors should be increased through national health education campaigns. In addition, health promotion programs should be adopted. They need to focus on utilizing available resources to reduce the high prevalence of major cerebrovascular risk factors in the Jordanian community. This will in turn reduce people's risk of experiencing strokes and other cerebrovascular diseases.