1. Robinson, Ruthie PhD, RN, FAEN, CEN

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Buettner JR. New York: Springer Publishing Company; 2013.

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This book is one in a series of "fast facts" books for nurses published by Springer Publishing Company. This particular book is geared for the new emergency nurse and his/her preceptor to review and assist with the orientation process. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to emergency nursing care, but to highlight various types of emergencies including cardiovascular, endocrine, environmental, mental health, obstetrics/gynecology, and pediatric among many others.


Each section begins with a brief overview and includes items that should be part of the orientation process. For example, under neurological emergencies, it is suggested that the orientees familiarize themselves with the facility's stroke protocol and neurological assessment tools. Drugs to learn commonly used in neurological emergencies are also listed.


Included in each section are a listing and description of various types of emergencies along with causes, signs and symptoms, and anticipated interventions. This is helpful for those cases that are commonly seen in an emergency department but may not be encountered during the orientation process.


Appendices include laboratory values along with causes for high and low values, common emergency department medications along with usual doses and uses, electrocardiogram lead placement and common dysrhythmias, and skills check-off sheets.


Overall, this is a handy, easy-to-read book that could easily serve as a guide to orienting a new nurse to the emergency department.


Ruthie Robinson, PhD, RN, FAEN, CEN


Chief Clinical Officer


Victory Medical Center Beaumont