CVD prevention, families and CVD prevention, nurse-based models and CVD prevention, nursing and CVD prevention, nursing leadership, public health and CVD prevention



  1. Berra, Kathy MSN, RN, ANP, FPCNA, FAAN
  2. Fletcher, Barbara MN, RN, FPCNA, FAAN
  3. Hayman, Laura L. PhD, RN, FPCNA, FAAN
  4. Miller, Nancy Houston BSN, RN, FPCNA


The global epidemic of cardiovascular disease (CVD) calls for multidisciplinary and multiprofessional approaches to the management of this condition, with strategic emphasis on prevention, treatment, and control. In addition, there is increasing recognition that effective prevention and management of CVD requires a diverse workforce skilled in the social, environmental, and policy determinants of health. Nowhere are these approaches and strategies brought together and more closely aligned than in the field of preventive cardiovascular nursing. This executive summary of "Global Cardiovascular Prevention: A Call to Action for Nursing" includes key points from the 6 papers written by the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association and published in July-August 2011 as a supplement to the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing and the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. This supplement addresses innovative efforts to stem the current global epidemic of CVD and emphasizes the need for effective team-based interventions for lifestyle and behavior changes across the life span. Social solutions, strategies for working with key players to develop interactive models, as well as coordinated multilevel policies, partnerships, and programs that are culturally relevant and context specific are examined. Such approaches are urgently needed to reduce death and disability from CVD in the United States and globally. Nurse leaders and other members of the healthcare team are well positioned internationally to meet these challenges.