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Chronic disease, Internet, Self-management, Older adults



  1. BURNS, PIPPA BSc (Hons), MPH (Dist)
  2. JONES, SANDRA C. BA, MBA(Marketing), Post Grad Dip Hlth Prom, MPH, M Assess Eval, PhD
  4. CAPUTI, PETER BA (Hons), Dip Math, PhD


A review of the literature was conducted to identify the "active ingredients" needed to produce successful Internet interventions that support older adults in self-management of chronic disease. The term "Internet intervention" was used as an umbrella term to include all online self-management programs. Thirteen articles were found to meet the inclusion criteria from the initial 204 articles identified. Ritterband's Model of Internet Interventions was used as a framework to classify the intervention components reported. It was found that online self-management interventions can improve outcomes for some older adults. However, the wide diversity of interventions and the measures reported, coupled with the complex nature of the studies, made it difficult to identify the "active ingredients." To overcome this problem, the authors propose a minimum reporting set, the Internet Self-Management Uniform Reporting Framework, which can be used in the reporting of all interventions. Internet Self-Management Uniform Reporting Framework proposes the collection of specific data from six domains: Web site design, support, study design, Web site use, user characteristics and reporting outcomes. The adoption of Internet Self-Management Uniform Reporting Framework would enable easy comparison of online interventions targeting chronic diseases.