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Forensic in-patient care, psychiatry, psychometric properties, Quality in Psychiatric Care-Forensic In-Patient (QPC-FIP) Instrument, quality of care, Sweden



  1. Schroder, Agneta PhD, RNT
  2. Agrim, Joakim MSc, RN
  3. Lundqvist, Lars-Olov PhD


ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to evaluate the psychometric properties and dimensionality of the instrument Quality in Psychiatric Care-Forensic In-Patient and to describe the quality of psychiatric care among forensic in-patients. The study group consisted of patients all receiving care during 2 weeks in September 2009 and meeting the inclusion criteria. A sample of 134 in-patients from 34 forensic wards in Sweden participated. Confirmatory factor analysis revealed a seven-factor structure, and 69% of the patients reported the quality of care as high. The highest rating was for the secluded environment dimension, and the lowest was for the participation dimension. The Quality in Psychiatric Care-Forensic In-Patient is a reliable and valid measurement instrument recommended for use in evaluating quality in forensic in-patient care.