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The International Association of Forensic Nurses is a member-driven organization made up of leaders in the forensic nursing profession. They are among the most skilled, experienced, and caring practitioners in the field.


To better serve its members and its mission, the Association has been working with nonprofit branding experts to develop a new look that captures the essence of its values and purpose. The modern, streamlined design (combined with easy-to-understand symbolism) makes a bold statement that not only serves current audiences but also is sure to grab the attention of new ones as the Association continues its outreach efforts on behalf of the forensic nursing profession.


The new logo and tagline were unveiled at the International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science & Practice in October of this year. Together with the new tagline-developed with the aid of member surveys-the updated brand is intended to be one that furthers the mission of the Association and the profession as a whole.


Every detail of the new logo and brand has been carefully considered and executed-from the colors (which communicate trust and innovation) to each design element. The magnifying glass clearly represents "forensic science" (even to the lay person), and the universal healthcare symbol is easy to understand and recognize. The heart inside the magnifying glass represents the care and compassion of the dedicated nurses in the field.


"I'm very excited about our new look and new brand," said Polly Campbell, BS, BA, RN, President of the Association's Board of Directors. "While I loved our former logo, our new one will not only speak to our members but also speak to all of our partners and stakeholders outside the Association."


The logo is not intended to work on its own-it will be supported by a completely new brand with compelling messaging, style guidelines, and a new "look" for the Association, complete with a defined color pallet and rules for utilizing the new brand. In addition, the logo was developed so that it could be customized for the chapters. The International Association of Forensic Nurses has provided professionally designed logos for each of the chapters and will work with them to assist in implementation.


A goal of the rebranding and of communication initiatives for the Association extends beyond its current membership and audience. According to a survey of members conducted in September 2013, 94% of respondents indicated that they believe the public does not understand what forensic nurses do. Furthermore, 92% of respondents indicated that one of the roles of the International Association of Forensic Nurses should be to educate the public and other professionals about forensic nursing. This member feedback underscores the need for an identity that will reach additional audiences.


"Forensic nursing is an incredible field that deserves much more attention, not only because of the impact it can have in a legal setting but more importantly because of the good that is done for patients at the bedside, for their families, and for communities," said Carey Goryl, MSW, CAE, Chief Executive Officer of the International Association of Forensic Nurses. "I am pleased to see our Association have a clearer and recognizable icon that will cause more people to ask 'what is a forensic nurse?' which will be very good for the profession."