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It has been a groundbreaking and productive year for the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD). Memories from the summer's annual convention in Dallas still burn bright, and we are looking forward to next year's event to be held in Orlando, Florida! The 2014 convention theme, "Aspire to Innovation," aptly describes several of the organization's activities this past year and highlights yet-to-be realized future advancements. We are all growing accustomed to the organization's new name and fresh new logo, but the innovations go far below the surface!


Perhaps one of the biggest changes or innovations the organization experienced this year was the creation of the Director of Professional Development position. We are quickly seeing the benefits of this addition in the form of Mary Harper, PhD, RN-BC. Dr. Harper's experience, creativity, and steady hand have helped us identify opportunities and new approaches to reaching members and meeting their ongoing educational needs. For example, in partnership with the Products and Services committee and the ANPD management company, Smith-Bucklin, ANPD offered 10 brand-new webinars in 2013, which were broadcast live and can also be purchased via the ANPD website. The webinar series has proven to be successful, thanks to the speakers' expertise, the interactions with participants, and operational support from the behind the scenes. Topics ranged from the Nursing Professional Development (NPD) Scope and Standards of Practice to Precepting, Successful Abstract Writing, and NPD's Role in Magnet recognition, among others. Continuing education (CE) contact hours were available for registered participants completing a posttest and evaluation form. Stay tuned for (or submit your own ideas!) future webinar topics.


The brand-new 4th edition of the Core Curriculum for Nursing Professional Development (Bruce, 2013) was published this year and has been well received by NPD educators. It serves as a comprehensive guide to all things NPD. It is organized in three sections and contains 36 chapters of current, relevant, helpful information. It is a terrific investment for individuals and departments alike, both as a foundation for practice and a certification review resource.


The ANPD website was completely redesigned this year. Its clean lines and user-friendly interface make locating information quick and easy. Resources and links have been added to help navigation and communication with members and staff alike. The ANPD mobile application at the convention was fun and helpful and kept us organized and informed throughout the busy week. Additional CE and networking opportunities are being considered and built into future meetings based on participant feedback.


These are but a few of the tangible changes and accomplishments of ANPD this year. Member input is critical to help ANPD continue to grow and change to meet your needs, and we welcome your thoughts. Looking forward to another wonderful year!