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ankle blood pressure, blood pressure measurement, clinical nurse specialist leadership, clinical nurse specialist practice, evidence-based practice, non-invasive blood pressure measurement



  1. Maneval, Rhonda E. DEd, RN
  2. Fowler, Kimberly A. MSN, RN, CNS-BC
  3. Fox, Lisa BSN, RN
  4. Wilson, Cyndy MS, BSN, RN


Purpose: The purpose of this article is to describe Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) practice as it relates to leadership in clinical research through the presentation of a study on ankle blood pressure (BP) measurements led by the CNS.


Background: Under the direction of the CNS, staff nurses engaged in the EBP process to explore the association between arm and ankle BP measurements. This EBP project led to a research study which was directed and led by the CNS.


Rationale: CNS practice requires leadership in the areas of evidence-based practice and research. CNS leadership was critical to the success of the research project.


Description: A descriptive study was undertaken which examined the agreement between upper extremity BP readings and ankle BP readings by comparing a series of three simultaneous ankle and arm BP readings on 174 subjects.


Conclusion: Leading the research project elevated the CNS's visibility and influence within the organization by clearly demonstrating the value of the CNS in the research process and the impact nursing research has on nursing practice and patient outcomes.