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Electronic health record, Patient perception, Nurse-patient relationship





Research has focused on electronic health record use during patient interactions primarily from a physician or advanced practice nurse perspective. Few if any empirical data exclusively explored the patient's hospital experience of the nurse-patient relationship when nurses use an electronic health record to communicate with them during patient interactions. The study was conducted to determine how use of a computer for documentation and care delivery influences communication dynamics between a nurse and patient within an inpatient setting. Hermeneutic phenomenology was the methodology used. A purposeful sample of 11 adults from a medical unit of a community hospital comprised the sample. After institutional review board approval was obtained, a questionnaire, addressing demographic data and information about previous computer and electronic health record use, was administered. In-depth interviews were conducted to uncover patient's experiences and reactions to their interactions with nurses as electronic health records were being utilized. Four themes were derived from the data analysis: (1) presence, (2) respect, (3) knowledge, and (4) trust and safety. Recommendations, including logistical modifications and innovative educational approaches, were derived from the themes and related findings.