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Emollients, Dry Skin, Moisture, Roughness, Elasticity, Eczema



  1. Waring, Mike
  2. Butcher, Martyn
  3. Bielfeldt, Stephan
  4. Matzold, Katja
  5. Wilhelm, Klaus-Peter


ABSTRACT: The need for emollient therapy is evident from the wide incidence of dry skin within the population. There is, however, little knowledge about the effectiveness of different emollients in their ability to moisturize the skin. This study examined the efficacy of six different emollient products in a volunteer study that measured the following parameters: skin hydration, skin topography, and skin elasticity.


The measurement of skin hydration and topography was able to show statistical differences between the emollients, although this was not possible with the measurement of skin elasticity. The differences indicated that some emollient formulations were superior to others in terms of their ability to moisturize the skin.