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  1. Jeffs, Lianne PhD, RN
  2. Beswick, Susan MN, RN
  3. Acott, Ashley BMSc
  4. Simpson, Elisa MSc
  5. Cardoso, Roberta PhD, RN
  6. Campbell, Heather MS, RN
  7. Irwin, Terri MN, RN


A study was undertaken to explore patients' experiences and perceptions associated with implementation of bedside nursing handover. Interviews were conducted with patients and analyzed using a directed content analysis. Three themes emerged through which patients described their experience with bedside nursing handover as follows: (1) creating a space for personal connection; (2) "bumping up to speed"; and (3) varying preferences. Health care leaders and nurses can use study findings to tailor strategies to engage patients, taking into account their preferences, in bedside nursing handover.