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advanced registered nurse practitioner, competency model, neurocritical care



  1. Vicari-Christensen, Michele


ABSTRACT: The advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) began in the 1960s as an alternative provider to meet the demands of an escalating healthcare resource deficit. As the role evolved and ARNPs demonstrated safe and effective care, these providers began to appear in critical care settings. It is believed that in the specialty of Neurocritical Care, about half the providers are ARNPs. Hiring and training practitioners for this complex environment is daunting. At the University of Florida & Shands Jacksonville, an innovative orientation and competency model for ARNPs hired for the newly opened Neurocritical Care unit was developed and implemented. The program contains a roadmap for knowledge base and skill acquisition as well as competency training and maintenance. Experience with appropriate hiring and screening standards, internally developed training tools, and identification of necessary advanced classes are discussed. This model may be used as a guideline for Neurocritical Care ARNP training as well as adapted for all other critical care settings.