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instrumentation, intra-class correlation, test-retest reliability



  1. Yen, Miaofen
  2. Lo, Li-Hua


Background: There are limitations of inter-class correlation (usually, the Pearson's product-moment correlation) in evaluating reliability of an instrument. An intra-class correlation approach would be appropriate to examine the test-retest reliability of an instrument.


Objectives: To introduce an intra-class correlation approach to examine the test-retest reliability of an instrument.


Method: The method of constructing an intra-class correlation coefficient was presented.


Results: The instrument with visual analog scales to measure the perceived competence to practice breast self-examination and perceived barriers to breast self-examination was tested. The intra-class correlation coefficient was 0.640.


Conclusion: The intra-class correlation is an alternative to test the reliability of an instrument and it is more sensitive to the detection of systematic error.