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guideline adherence, implementation, nurses, randomized controlled trials



  1. Wuchner, Staci S. MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, CCRN, CNRN, SCRN


Objectives: The purpose of this review was to synthesize and critique experimental and/or quasi-experimental research that has evaluated implementation strategies for translation of research-based evidence into nursing practice.


Background: Successfully implementing evidence-based research can improve patient outcomes. Identifying successful implementation strategies is imperative to move research-based evidence into practice.


Rationale: As implementation science gains popularity, it is imperative to understand the strategies that most effectively translate research-based evidence into practice.


Description: The review used the CINAHL and MEDLINE (Ovid) databases. Articles were included if they were experimental and/or quasi-experimental research designs, were written in English, and measured nursing compliance to translation of research-based evidence. An independent review was performed to select and critique the included articles.


Outcome: A wide array of interventions were completed, including visual cues, audit and feedback, educational meetings and materials, reminders, outreach, and leadership involvement. Because of the complex multimodal nature of the interventions and the variety of research topics, comparison across interventions was difficult.


Conclusion: Many difficulties exist in determining what implementation strategies are most effective for translation of research-based evidence into practice by nurses.


Implications: With these limited findings, further research is warranted to determine which implementation strategies most successfully translate research-based evidence into practice.