1. Section Editor(s): Simpson, Kathleen Rice PhD, RNC, CNS-BC, FAAN

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I am honored and excited to be the new Editor-in-Chief of MCN, the American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing. MCN journal has a long history of scholarly contributions to the nursing literature and will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2015. For the past 15 years Dr. Margaret Comerford Freda has been the Editor of MCN. Under her guidance and through her passion for excellence, MCN has flourished and attracted quality submissions from numerous leading perinatal and pediatric nurse clinicians and researchers. Dr. Freda has mentored new authors and welcomed submissions from nurses without extensive experience in writing for publication. There has been a balance of clinical and research articles in each issue covering all aspects of maternal child nursing. A variety of ongoing columns are focused on hot topics relevant to perinatal and pediatric nurses. Annual awards for the best clinical practice and research papers have been established and include an honorarium sponsored by our publisher LWW. MCN is now indexed in the Journal Citation Reports and its impact factor has continued to increase. Beautiful artwork and graphics enhance the readability of the scholarly work published in MCN. The editorial board comprises outstanding leaders in the perinatal and pediatric nursing specialties, all of whom are committed to the journal's ongoing quality by acting as contributors to the various regular columns and as reviewers of manuscripts submitted for potential publication in MCN. Over the years, Dr. Freda has been my mentor, colleague, and friend. I hope to make her proud as I take on this new role and carry on the mission of MCN. She has graciously offered her continued advice as needed and I will no doubt be relying on her generosity frequently. I am so thankful for this help.

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I want to take this opportunity to give some professional advice while I am writing about Dr. Freda. Get a mentor. When I was conducting my dissertation research about preterm labor prevention 20 years ago, I reviewed the literature to find the top nursing research expert in this area. There were none available at my school, so I was encouraged by my professors to find someone with these qualifications to serve on my committee. After a thorough search, it was clear that Dr. Freda was the obvious choice. However, I had never met her and had no idea if she would be willing to help me. I chose the AWHONN convention to approach her. I was nervous. I had planned my part of the conversation, made notes, and practiced what I was going to say; nevertheless, I was unsure of how this would go. She was a superstar in the nursing research field and I was just beginning to learn about research. I saw her in the exhibit hall and gathered my courage to ask to speak to her. She was very warm and receptive, and offered to discuss my research and her potential role as a member of my committee in a quieter location. That conversation was the genesis of a 2-decade, ongoing relationship with a truly awesome mentor. Dr. Freda has helped me in so many ways over the years; I regret that I do not have the space here to mention it all. She has been generous with advice, especially giving me insight into the academic world of which I know little since I have spent most of my professional life in the hospital setting. Her advice on research and the publication process has been invaluable. She initiated my fellowship in the American Academy of Nursing. I would have never considered seeking fellowship without her encouragement. One of the best things that she did was introduce me to all of her top-level professional friends; she has many. Under her wings, they also took me in as a colleague. Dr. Freda invited me to become part of the national March of Dimes Foundation Nurse Advisory Committee soon after we met. When she resigned as chairwoman, she recommended me as a replacement. I really do enjoy volunteering for the March of Dimes Foundation in this role, another opportunity I would not have had without Dr. Freda as my mentor. My professional life would have been vastly different had I not sought out Dr. Freda and she had not generously agreed to mentor me. I strongly advise you to find a mentor. You never know what might happen and you may be as fortunate as I am.


As a perinatal clinical nurse specialist, I have looked to MCN for many years as a source of quality nursing articles, both practice and research related, to share with the nurses in my hospital and with those I have met across the country. I want to continue to offer excellent articles to MCN readers. I want "Have you seen the latest issue of MCN?" to be said often in clinical and research meetings. I encourage submissions from clinicians and researchers. Even if you have never considered writing an article in the past, send me an email with details of your ideas and we can work together on the publication process. If you are not interested in writing, I still would like to hear from you with suggestions for MCN.


Kathleen Rice Simpson, PhD, RNC, CNS-BC, FAAN


Editor-in-Chief MCN The American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing


I am delighted to introduce Kathleen Rice Simpson, PhD, RNC, CNS-BC, FAAN as the Editor-in-Chief of MCN: The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing. A perinatal clinical nurse specialist, clinical professor and frequent lecturer, Dr. Simpson has been a driving force in perinatal nursing practice and research, and possesses the spirit and passion for patient care and nursing practice that will establish her as an outstanding Editor.


Readers will probably recognize Dr. Simpson as the author of MCN's Perinatal Patient Safety column. Many have you have probably heard her speak at various meetings - she packs the room. If you Google perinatal patient safety, links to Dr. Simpson's work fill the page.


Dr. Simpson will lead the editorial team during a rapidly changing time in publishing and carry on the Journal's legacy as a leader in publishing the best of the best content in maternal/child nursing.


Lippincott Williams & Wilkins is pleased to welcome Kathleen into our family of Nursing Editors.


Please join me in congratulating Dr. Kathleen Simpson and wishing her success in her new role.


Sandra Kasko


Publisher, MCN