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  1. Topuz, Semra PhD, PT
  2. De Schepper, Joris PhD, Pod
  3. Ulger, Ozlem PhD, PT
  4. Roosen, Philip PhD, PT


The aim of this study is to determine the differences between falling and mobility among elderly people in different settings. This investigation included 41 elderly people living in a retirement village and 45 elderly people in community dwellings. Subjects were assessed in terms of mobility and activities of daily living, falling, and fear of falling. There were significant differences between groups in terms of age, mobility, and activities of daily living (P < .05); however, there were no remarkable differences between falling and fear of falling (P > .05). This study shows that along with several factors, such as mobility, the life style of elderly people, which is shaped by their living conditions, has an impact on falling.