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Valued Tool

I am thankful I am to have JCN as a valued resource in my faculty teaching position. I recently read with keen interest Dare to Discipline in the December 2012 (29:4) issue. I could not have found this article at a better time.


I sensed a student was being less than honest regarding online testing. I was in turmoil and sought out my peers who gave me hard-lined advice, none of which felt comfortable. Over the weekend, I prayed for guidance. Monday I opened this issue of JCN that had been sitting on my desk. I slowly read Johanson's article; it described my situation and my feelings. What a relief. It was the answer I was looking for with Scripture to help me deal with my discomfort. I felt a sense of peace and an answer to my prayer.


Although I don't always feel good about discipline, the JCN article offered wise words and Scriptures to guide my way. I found JCN speaking to me as an answer to my prayer. The rest is incredible. I felt so much better, with a rush of calm coming over me. JCN was inspirational in making that happen. I share this wondering if someone else may be struggling with this same issue.


As a nursing educator, I have a position where I can impact healthcare. I want to find tools that will help me along the way. JCN is just such a tool.


Karin Zink, RN, MSN, PHN


Redding, CA


Forgiveness Gives Freedom

I just read Susan Salladay's article "The Ethics of Forgiveness" (31:3). I appreciated her focus on forgiveness as a process. When anger comes up, we have to continually turn it over to God and choose to let it go, rather than fantasizing revenge and letting the anger and hurt build. Lewis B. Smedes in The Art of Forgiveness describes forgiveness as choosing not to take revenge. Not getting back at someone stops the revenge cycle. There are times when the offending person may never know about our decision to forgive. Sometimes trust is so broken that reconciliation does not happen.


Forgiveness may also need to be applied toward self. We may carry guilt about what we perceive as our responsibility in a situation. Personal guilt may be false guilt. "If only I hadn't been there" or "If only I had done..." Our ability to forgive, not only the offender but also ourselves, can free us from being a victim. And that is true freedom.


Nancy Testerman, MS, RN


Redlands, CA


Easy-on Ramp for Authors

Thank you so much for making the process of submitting an article easier than I ever thought possible. I just had to go ahead and test the waters, and the JCN website with guidelines for authors had clear instructions to follow. I also appreciate the timeliness of the responses by the reviewers and your staff. God willing, JCN will be a source for submissions in the future.


Elizabeth Vega, DNP, RN, CNE


Aliso Viejo, CA


Editorial Note: We often receive notes of thanks from new authors or those unfamiliar with JCN'sEditorial Manager submission site. One such note is published below.


It was lovely to chat with you on the phone. I appreciate your information, insight in this process, and updates! As authors, we are looking forward to the approaching release of our article. Your kind feedback regarding our article and upcoming graduation was both warm and unexpected!


Lisa McGuire, BSN, RN


Middletown, OH


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