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  1. Wallace, Jonalyn MSN, CNS, RN-BC
  2. Berman, Audrey PhD, RN
  3. Karshmer, Judith PhD, RN
  4. Prion, Susan EdD, RN, CNE
  5. Van, Paulina PhD, RN
  6. West, Nikki MPH


Four partnerships between schools of nursing and practice sites provided grant-funded 12- to 16-week transition programs to increase confidence, competence, and employability among new RN graduates who had not yet found employment in nursing. Per capita program costs were $2,721. Eighty-four percent of participants completing a postprogram employment survey became employed within 3 months; 55% of participants became employed at their program practice site. Staff development educators may find this model a useful adjunct to in-house nurse residency programs for new RN graduates.