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  1. Kuykendall, Judith W. EdD, RN
  2. Marshburn, Dianne M. PhD, RN, NE-BC
  3. Poston, Carol Wall BSN, RN, CCRN
  4. Mears, Annie ADN, RN, OCN


OBJECTIVE: This study examined the engagement level of direct care nurses 45 years or older with at least 10 years' experience to create a baseline for action to increase engagement among these seasoned nurses.


BACKGROUND: Assessing an organization's level of nursing engagement and designing strategies to improve engagement are crucial to support decreased turnover and increased levels of quality outcomes.


METHODS: The Health Care Advisory Board's Nurse Engagement Survey was distributed via SurveyMonkey to direct care nurses meeting the study criteria.


RESULTS: Thirty-seven percent of participants were engaged, 47% content, 12% ambivalent, 4% disengaged, and 98.6% of respondents were proud to be a nurse.


CONCLUSION: Nursing leaders should assess the level of engagement of their nursing workforce and use this information to prioritize strategies designed to retain, reenergize, and engage experienced nurses.