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As promised, this issue contains part II of our focus on "Health Equities." The articles focusing on "Health Equities" are titled "Using an Intersectional Approach To Study the Impact of Social Determinants of Health for African-American Mothers Living with HIV" and "Perceived Discrimination and Children's Mental Health Symptoms." Both of these articles address equities related to specific populations-African American mothers living with HIV, and children with mental health symptoms. But regardless of one's interest in these populations, these article contain important insights that contribute to the development of nursing's interests in overcoming discrimination and injustice in health care.


The planned topic for this issue-"Post- Hospital Nursing"-is one that is becoming increasingly significant for nurses, as health care shifts more and more to the home and the community. Dr Katherine Maeve, who serves on the Advances in Nursing Science (ANS) advisory board, recently related to me her experience following hospitalization for knee surgery. Her story, and her insights related to the experiences faced by everyone who enters the setting of a modern hospital, inspired me to invite her to share her experience in her Guest Editorial.


Dr Maeve's editorial, and each of the articles in this issue, will be featured on the ANS blog (, where you can join in a discussion focusing on how nurses can envision new directions for the future! Please join us in this discussion over the weeks to come!


-Peggy L. Chinn, PhD, RN, FAAN