1. Carroll, V. Susan MS RN CNE

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Comprehensive Review for Stroke Nursing

Livesay, S., Ed., Chicago, IL: American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN), 2014, Print Edition: $165.00 (non-AANN members)/$115.00 (AANN Members), E-book: $160.00 (non-AANN members)/$110.00 (AANN members), Print and E-book bundle: $300.00 (non-AANN members)/$200.00 (AANN members), ISBN: e978-0-9904824-1-3.


P ublished this summer, Comprehensive Review for Stroke Nursing is a valuable resource for those nurses planning to sit for the Stroke Certified Registered Nurse (SCRN) examination and for those nurses or other healthcare providers looking for a complete guide to stroke care. The book includes chapters on "typical" stroke-related information-anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, diagnostics, and medications-but also provides readers with content related to primary and secondary prevention, stroke systems and protocols, and quality improvement strategies.


Written in an outline format, each chapter includes clear objectives that lead the reader through the content. Information is "chunked" into manageable sections that facilitate understanding. The chapters flow logically from the anatomic and physiologic basics through hyperacute, acute, and postacute care interventions and plans for patients with a variety of stroke syndromes. Patient and family education is addressed appropriately at each care point.


Abundant tables support the text; figures are used less often. The inclusion of additional figures could enhance learning, particularly for those readers who learn visually. References are current and cover a wide range of source material. This writer reviewed the book in both of its electronic formats; readability is good and technology supports the text well. Comprehensive Review for Stroke Nursing will likely become a widely used resource for neuroscience nurses.


Reviewed by V. Susan Carroll, MS RN-BC SCRN, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Neuroscience Nursing.