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She Perseveres

She perseveres with class despite it all


First stroke, then lymphoma, but she's stood tall


Her husband by her side offers support


It's been tough on them; she's been a good sport


One complication after another


Certainly was a difficult summer


Infections have been piling up for her


Bacterial and viral did occur


She conquered them all and she'll conquer more


As far as the future, who know what's in store


She'll continue to battle and survive


Without therapy she would not be alive


She's plugging away, appearing depressed


But deep down inside she knows she's been blessed


Not many with her problems live so long


She does not realize it but she's been strong


She's been unlucky to get the cancer


But for every issue we've had answers


Her sibling had matched and her joy was pure


Because of the match we offered a cure


The key's taking it one day at a time


If she keeps her hopes up she'll be just fine


AMIR STEINBERG, MD, FACP is Assistant Professor of Medicine, Hematology and Medical Oncology at Tisch Cancer Institute at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, in the hematologic malignancies/stem cell transplantation group in the division of hematology-oncology/bone marrow transplantation. He notes that this poem, written in iambic pentameter, is based on interactions he has had with a lymphoma patient, inspired by her perseverance.

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