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  1. Francisco, Dorilyn MSN, RN
  2. Rankin, Larry PhD, RN
  3. Kim, Son Chae PhD, RN


This cross-sectional study explored the perceptions and behaviors toward colorectal cancer screening and the predictors of adherence to colorectal cancer and polyps screening recommendations among Filipino-Americans. A total of 188 participants were recruited from community churches in southern California from September to November 2011. About half of the participants were found to be adherent to the screening recommendations. Multivariate logistic regression analysis revealed the following significant predictors of adherence: having a relative with colon or rectal cancer (odds ratio [OR] = 6.17), having heard of fecal occult blood test (OR = 4.58), strong agreement with benefit of screening in reducing worry about cancer (OR = 2.81), age >= 65 years (OR = 2.64) and very easy communication with providers (OR = 2.43). Patient awareness of colorectal cancer screening and its benefits through effective patient-provider communication were significant modifiable predictors of adherence to colorectal cancer and polyps screening recommendations. Nurses could have a major impact in improving screening behaviors through patient education in increasing patient awareness and benefits of cancer screening.