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Salt and Light

The purpose of Nurses Christian Fellowship is to equip you to be God's salt and light in your nursing and throughout your life. If you went into nursing to love God and serve people, NCF has resources to help you in the work God has for you. Here are ways to connect with NCF:

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Let's unite to support God's work in nursing.


FAQs About NCF Membership

If you share our mission to bring God's love and healing to nursing and healthcare, then join Nurses Christian Fellowship.


Nurses Christian Fellowship is both a professional organization and a ministry for nurses, nursing students, and educators. Join a professional network that explores and integrates Christian faith and nursing practice.


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Reading the Bible regularly is challenging for most busy nurses. That's why Nurses Christian Fellowship has developed a new Bible study series, "Healing Encounters with Jesus." These short readings from the Gospels come with reflection questions designed for nurses. Try doing a nursing assessment on characters from the Bible and learn how to apply Scripture to nursing by putting faith into practice!


In these stories, people who encountered Jesus were never the same again. With compassion and dignity, Jesus brought health and wholeness to the sick and suffering. His power to heal demonstrated his divine identity and intended mission.


How do we encounter Jesus today as we care for the sick and suffering? Invite your friends, classmates, or coworkers to discuss these stories with you.


Here are the first five Bible studies in the series, "Healing Encounters with Jesus":


* A Touch of Love: Jesus is not timid about touching someone with a repulsive illness.


* Paralyzed No More: Often a person's physical needs are obvious, but how do we learn to identify spiritual or nonphysical needs? See how Jesus intervenes to treat a quadriplegic.


* An Embarrassing Problem: How does Jesus handle a woman's chronic health issue in public? What does it take for her to approach Jesus and talk with him about a very personal concern?


* Just Say the Word: An influential man who is outside of the faith community comes to Jesus with a critical request. See how Jesus responds to this unlikely situation.


* The Blame Game: From a nursing standpoint, what can we learn from Jesus when a man is blamed for causing his own illness?



Check out these short, focused studies at


On Campus

Jane Hall, the national director of Nurses Christian Fellowship, has two words for Christian nurse educators, Thank you!

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In a recent video, Jane expressed her genuine gratitude for all those who are investing in the next generation of nurses, especially those who serve as faculty advisers to NCF student chapters. "You have a valuable role and an added responsibility in guiding the student leaders and providing continuity for the chapter," Jane said.


Jane understands how faculty advisors play a significant role in the lives of students. When she began teaching, she joined a small NCF chapter of students and a faculty advisor who met twice a month over lunch for Bible study and prayer.


Today, NCF students and faculty are still exploring how God's Word offers hope and peace to the suffering and to the caregiver. They reach out to classmates who may be stressed, searching, or struggling to succeed in nursing school, and they invite them into a journey of spiritual discovery.


"We believe that God wants all nursing students and nurses to have the opportunity to follow Jesus with their whole lives," Jane says. "It is our prayer for every nursing school that God will provide a team of NCF staff, faculty, and students who will engage their friends, classmates and teachers to consider God's love and purposes for their lives." Watch Jane's video for nurse educators at


Find out more about growing opportunities for NCF groups to partner with InterVarsity chapters and staff for leadership development and spiritual growth. If you do not have an NCF chapter and want to be a part of or start NCF in your school, contact

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JCN Problems?

NCF members who need help with their JCN print subscription or online account should contact LWW Member Services at 866-489-0443 or


Spotlight On...

Urbana 15: What Life Will You Live?


There is nothing like InterVarsity's Urbana Student Missions Conference. Imagine more than 16,000 students and 250 mission organizations together for 5 days to listen, pray, and follow God's leading. Since 1946, God has used Urbana to mobilize nearly 300,000 people to take the Good News of Jesus around the globe and to the ends of the earth. That's significant.

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Urbana 15 is coming! This catalytic event is held every 3 years, bringing together a diverse mix of students, alumni, missionaries, and church leaders with a compelling call to give their whole lives for God's global mission. The 24th Urbana conference takes place December 27-31, 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri.


Special seminars for healthcare students will focus on how their vocational choices can be used in missions. The seminars also will address current and future issues in healthcare missions. Nurses Christian Fellowship is working on programming for these healthcare seminars and offering scholarships for nursing students to attend.


This year Dr. Patrick Fung, a physician and the Director of OMF International, will be a keynote speaker. OMF International, formerly the China Inland Mission and Overseas Missionary Fellowship, was founded by James Hudson Taylor in 1865. Dr. Fung brings a special focus on medical missions and a deep passion to see God's Word taught throughout the world.


NCF is a focused ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, the sponsor of Urbana 15. Registration for Urbana opens March 15, 2015, and the cost is very reasonable! Find more information at

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