1. Walker, Deborah RN, OCN

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You Were There

You were There in your starched whites, tired feet, quick mind, working hands, yet stopped to color with me. I was 6 and scared.


You were There, gingerly placing my nursing pin, eyes beaming with pride.


You were There, the first time I heard the quick strong fetal heart tones of my firstborn. He's a Navy man!


You were There to teach me breathing techniques in Lamaze class.


You were There, you kept us focused during the final push.


You were There to give my son's first shots for school, and a lollipop.


You were There at church, to teach me about breast self exams, not knowing you'd save my life 10 years later.


You were There with your hope, faith, and encouragement, and dose of chemo for my friend. She found a lump too.


You were There, at her home, to draw her labs and change her dressing. You drove 160 miles that hot day.


You were There during her final days, her end of life care. She lost the battle. You turned away to wipe your glistening tears.


You were There, at the funeral and spoke a kind word. You gave me a long hug.


I Trust and thank you! Because You were There, I am here, a battle-ready oncology nurse.


Deborah Walker, RN, OCN, of the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center in Dallas, writes that she wrote this after a particularly tough and difficult shift as an oncology nurse, and dedicates it to all of her patients.