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Thanks for the commentary by Ms. Flynn (October, 2001) referencing the "silent partner" of OASIS-accuracy. We have struggled mightily with this since beginning OASIS, and even basic data like patient gender, and if the patient was dead or alive on discharge, has been misreported enough to be a continuing nagging problem. We train, train, train, and we often teach during staff meetings to try to address consistent OASIS errors.


We have found "inter-rater reliability" to be another difficulty. Physical therapists do OASIS differently, and often better than RNs, as to their assessments of functional ability questions. Our agency quality checks some OASIS data as part of the admission process. I am beginning wider audits, to include all clinical data, as a way to determine accuracy.


Anyone else have some good ideas? Please, more articles on this topic!


D. B.