1. Ventura, Valerie MSN/Ed, RN-BC

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This book is an excellent learning guide and resource for all nursing professional developmental (NPD) specialists, from novice to expert. It begins with a list of the Standards of Practice and Performance, which provide the elements of practice and competencies for the NPD specialist. Bette Case Di Leonardi provides the practical concepts, strategies, and tools necessary to play an active role in the education process.


Her "Model for Developing Educational Activities" guides the NPD specialist through the process of developing educational activities beginning with the principles of adult learning. Each chapter is devoted to a specific phase of the model. Bette easily guides the reader through each step using learning tools such as key points, various acronyms and tables, as well as activities such as case scenarios. Every case scenario requires a decision to choose the best answer by critically thinking through the scenario presented; the best answer and rationale are listed retrospectively.


Each chapter transitions easily to the next building on the subject matter. She explores the following subjects:


* assessment of learner needs,


* creation of learning objectives,


* planning and implementation of educational activity, and


* evaluations of participant performance and education activity.



All chapters end with a brief summation of what was covered.


The NPD specialist must possess a vast amount of knowledge and skills. This book offers a comprehensive coverage of how to create, implement, and evaluate the various types of NPD education. I found myself reflecting on the numerous educational offerings I have developed over the last several years. The author has renewed my vigor and provided me with new ideas to use when building future education. Some of the concepts she discusses require thoughtful reflection, and others reinforce the processes currently in place by the reader. This book is definitely an asset to any NPD specialist's educational library. It would make a great book club project for any NPD specialist department.